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The technology industry has entered a new stage of development since the burst of the dot-com bubble. Industry executives must now fight for every account and transaction. With commoditization plaguing the industry, selling product is no longer enough. Standing out requires providing excellent customer service or selling comprehensive solutions. Meanwhile, the "war for talent" is heating up, highlighting the need for top-notch recruiting and talent management capabilities. Outsourcing to Ventrum frees your organization to support the business with staffing strategies and hiring decisions. We bring best practices and dedicated resources to recruiting and resourcing processes such as candidate sourcing, screening, tracking and interview scheduling. Furthermore, we deliver a consistent stream of qualified candidates faster and at a lower cost than you could do on your own. With our team of experts handling the leg-work, your HR team and hiring managers can focus their efforts into ensuring the best matches for open positions resulting in better outcomes for every hire.

Ventrum also provides customer interaction solutions for the entire customer lifecycle, including: customer acquisition and sales, customer care and retention, technical support, back office, and risk management. Specific services we provide to clients in the high tech sector include:
  • Staffing - temporary, temp-to-hire or direct-hire
  • Technical support
  • Developing troubleshooting techniques and solutions for new hardware and software products
  • Customer care
  • Inbound and outbound acquisition
  • Back office support and fulfillment

The unprecedented level of competition unleashed by globalization has spurred manufacturers to relentlessly squeeze costs out of an increasingly complex and fragmented supply chain. Many domestic firms are also struggling with high U.S. labor and pension costs. The automotive industry has faced the additional challenges of slow volume growth and excess capacity. Many firms have profited from increasing their service, parts and consulting orientations - areas that demand customer service excellence. Many larger manufacturers grapple with having multiple HR departments housed in different divisions or businesses, resulting in costly duplication and inconsistent policies. We offer integrated HR services across the entire employment lifecycle, including:
  • Recruiting and Resourcing
  • Compensation
  • HR Administration
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Organizational Development
  • Learning
  • Business Intelligence
Our centralized, holistic approach to managing the HR function helps you gain efficiencies, standardize processes and achieve the global view you need to make informed decisions. Specific clients partnering with us have realized 20-60% savings to their bottom line. Ventrum supports its clients with various measures to increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, our key cost control programs focus on infrastructure and application rationalization & transformation. Ventrum's dedicated team of professionals worldwide supports clients to face their challenges with a thorough understanding of the industry specifics. We have demonstrated deep industry expertise with a proven track record in areas such as collaborative supply chain execution and infrastructure & application rationalization.

Health Care
Healthcare is becoming increasingly information intensive. That's putting additional pressure in a competitive marketplace driven by the expansion of consumer-directed healthcare as firms strive to offer more choices and provide more guidance directly to consumers. Meanwhile, the industry is transforming from a laggard to a leader in information technology in an effort to improve quality and control costs. Firms that cannot adapt to innovations such as e-health records will be left behind. These firms must also ensure patient safety and privacy through compliance with a host of regulations.

Around the world, the healthcare industry is counting on technical innovation to drive improvements in the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the care delivery process. Healthcare providers are expecting more from their information technology investments - from both clinical systems that support patient care provision and from information systems that support management and effective decision-making. Hospital system executives are making investments in clinical management systems, electronic medical records, enterprise resource planning systems, physician and patient Web portals and other IT projects. At the same time, job market conditions have made it difficult for health systems to attract and retain essential IT staff to develop and manage these systems.

Firms reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction through improvements in automation, agent training, workforce management, knowledge management and customer analytics. IT outsourcing can make sense for large providers that need to upgrade IT services, solve recruiting and retention problems and replace inadequate management. It can also help control operating costs and convert IT assets into cash. Ventrum is capable of handling any outsourcing project imaginable and we are the only one with deep healthcare expertise.

Health Care
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